The College of Horticulture

The College of Horticulture, tightly integrating teachingresearch and enterprise, was founded in 1934. The college is paying a great attention to the foresting of top-ranking talents in Horticulture, especially the undergraduate teaching.

The College enjoys excellent academic and research capabilities. The college staff includes accomplished senior professors and researchers together with young innovative academic leaders who are on the cutting edge of their research fields. There are 166 full-time staff members, including 29 professors and senior researchers52 associate professors and junior researchers and 46 lecturers. Among the professors, 21 of whom are qualified to supervise doctoral students and 34 of whom are qualified to supervise master's degree students; 3 of whom are jointly-appointed academicians, 4 of whom are guest professors; College faculty members have won a number of titles and awards including 1 winner of "Award for State-level Master Teacher" by the Ministry of Education (MOE), 1 winner of "Trans-Century Training Program Foundation for the Talents" by MOE, 1 scholars in the " Program for New Century Excellent Talents" by MOE, 15 experts and scholars with outstanding contributions at ministerial or provincial levels.

At present, there are 3 teaching and research departments in the College engaging in the following academic fields: The Pomology, The Vegetable, The Protected Horticultural Engineering and Science, There is 1 horticulture experimental center for teaching with 2000 instruments and equipments, totaling over 21 million Yuan in value; College owns more than 12,000 breeding specimen for fruit trees, vegetables and flowers1 comprehensive experimental demonstration base in A & F and 25 off-campus experimental demonstration bases for teaching and research.

As one of the colleges with the longest history and the bigger scale in Northwest A & F University, The college has the level-doctoral degree programs for Horticulture with a post-doctoral research station and 5 level-doctoral and master's degree programs for Pomology, Vegetable, Tea Science, Horticultural Plant Germplasm Resources, and Protected Horticultural Engineering and Science. There is 1 key state-level discipline in Pomology, Vegetable study and Tea Science are deemed as the key disciplines in Shaanxi Province, There are 2 disciplines in Horticulture and Protected Horticultural Engineering and Science for undergraduate programs, and the College is authorized to grant Bachelor's degree in Horticulture (the first-batch name brand program in Shaanxi Province); We actively carry out educational reforms, combine the scientific research and teaching, and already obtain a number of achievements. We take on 1 national quality course of Horticultural facility science and 2 Shaanxi provincial quality courses of Plant breeding and Horticultural product storage & transportation science, we also take on 6 projects of university quality bilingual courses; There are more than 16 textbooks, including 2 textbooks for the 21st century, 2 textbooks of the 11th Five-Year Plan and 2 ministerial or provincial Quality Textbooks.

The college of Horticulture has fruitful achievement in scientific research. A large number of high qualified articles are published in various famous international journals. The faculty of the college won 200 awards from the State, ministries, and provinces, such as 2 the 2nd and 3rd Awards of State Technological Invention, 4 the 2nd and 3rd Prizes of the National Sci-Tech Progress Award in China, 1 the fourth award of National Spark Program, 1 prize of National Teaching Achievement Award; They are taking on more than 240 national and local projects, and accumulative fund was more than RMB 40,000,000. Since the founding of college, the faculty of the college has bred more than 200 improved horticultural plant varieties, which have been extended to a total area of 60 million mu in the field of horticultural plant breeding and varieties extension, and accumulative economic benefits was more than RMB 20 billion for society.

The college is actively striving to expand international cooperation and exchange in education, science and technology. The college currently has cooperative relations with over 100 universities and research institutes at home and abroad. In recent years, more than 60 experts and professors have been to the United States, Japan, UK, Germany, and other countries for collaborative research, and have invited more than 200 experts from home and abroad for academic exchanges. Significant progresses have been made in international cooperation, keeping pace with latest academic development, introducing the advanced teaching and research concepts and technology and enhancing the academic reputation and influence of the college.